Teams need to learn how to work together, develop relationships, and share a common charge. The life-cycle of a group must be. Unfortunately, this happens while there are pressing matters to deal with and responsibilities that cannot wait until the storming, norming thing plays itself out. Maybe it is a matter of time management, make every moment count, or cram it all in during the time together. Team members caught up in this kind of situation also have the added frustration that they are not really getting anything done. Plans are made and made again, once more. Not so much follow through. Team experiences can be painful. They need to be pleasurable. Working with other people can be energizing and full of learning and growth. Seriously. People can learn to work in teams and they need to learn what a team can do (and cannot do). Sometimes groups need training, coaching, and consulting to become a team.

How did you learn to work in a team?