William, a professional mediator, offers leadership and strategic planning to a range of people and groups, including community-based organizations, non-profit agencies, school districts, police departments, and municipalities. He helps them design and implement constructive processes to understand conflict and plan peacebuilding initiatives.

William specializes in designing violence prevention and conflict resolution programs and conducting ethnographic-based conflict assessments to inform intervention strategies.

He is particularly interested in racial and multi-cultural interactions, community development and poverty, and social, political and economic conflict and change in US inner-ring suburbs.

As a mediator, trainer and facilitator, William

  • Mitigates conflict situations to bring people together to discover common interests
  • Builds up factors that strengthen peaceful relations between people and groups
  • Coaches people to work and to thrive within a conflict environment
  • Trains people and groups to use skills like active listening, problem-solving, and working together constructively
  • Helps make it easier for people and groups to talk about issues that concern them

As a consultant, he will

  • Provide a practicable framework to build municipal, organizational and community capacity
  • Assist municipal, organizational, and community leaders in deciding on a strategy for positive change
  • Engage and educate community stakeholders to become constituencies for change
  • Create an environment for working together

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Tools & Methods

Program and Theory of Change Logic Models

Transculturation & Acculturation processes

Process work

Systemic conflict transformation