Welcome. William is a mediator, trainer, and facilitator working in the Greater Philadelphia, PA (USA) metropolitan area.

Constructive Processes

Designing Strategies for Change

The Garden City / South Media Project is a series of purposive conversations, involving many different people, to examine factors that drive conflict and to support activities that mitigate conflict.

The current national response to police-shootings has made it difficult for police and community to engage in constructive dialogue. One of the most productive ways to maintain trust and establish legitimacy to a police department is to engage community members, especially young people, in face-to-face conversations about what works and how to get more of what works.

Three expected outcomes are 1) Collect data to understand what is happening from multiple perspectives; 2) Apply that information to inform the design, implementation, and evaluation of a series of activities that reduce tensions and potential violence between residents and police; and 3) Develop strategies to change systems that drive conflict rather than build peace between community and police.

Engaging Diverse Communities

Collaborating through Cultural Planning

The MCFS Neighborhood Park Project builds upon the collective power of local culture to transform neighborhoods. The project provides the framework and skills to help a diverse group of people work together and make their communities healthier and safer. The goal of the project is to build a coalition that will partner with a local municipality to re-vision a neighborhood park into a regional showcase for a youth soccer league composed mostly of immigrant children.

Many inner-ring suburbs across the United States “have an opportunity to attract and retain young professionals, childless couples, baby boomers, new immigrants and the assets of the knowledge economy.” In contrast to characterizing them as “declining, impoverished points of decay in the urban fabric”, inner-ring suburbs “represent a growing market niche”. To be clear, disinvestment, aging infrastructure and housing stock, and many of America’s poor live in inner-ring suburbs. Nevertheless, the Neighborhood Park Project is designed to mobilize the creativity and power of culture to transform an ordinary park into a “lively, diverse, and intense” space where children play, adults gather, and cultures merge.

Training & Coaching

Learning & Applying Conflict Resolution

Workshops are designed to meet the unique needs of groups seeking knowledge and skills to work through conflict and change. Social service agencies, community-based organizations, police departments, and schools operate within an environment that is filled with difficult conversations, tension-filled interactions, and challenges to providing quality services for anyone who needs it.

Examples of topics include

  • Conflict Resolution training for HIV case managers to 1)  explore the dynamics of conflict and power and 2) to teach de-escalation skills when addressing difficult situations
  • Negotiation training for social service providers dealing with landlord and client issues like repairs, back rent, eviction, etc
  • Personal Conflict Styles workshop for HIV support group members who are trying to encourage each other to live healthy lifestyles, adhere to medication regimes, and recover from addictions
  • Cultural Competency workshop for social service workers providing services to women and children from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds facing poverty, malnutrition, and domestic violence
  • Mediation training for college-age students and university administrators seeking to stabilize campus-community relations
  • Conflict coaching for people looking to understand the dynamics of conflict, improve intercultural communication, and seek ways to help people talk who otherwise do not

When digging up conflict, keep the dirt dangling on the roots just so you know where it came from